Where are you located?

  • We are located on the ground floor, next door to the Regal Cinemas of Dole Cannery. Our address is: 735 Iwilei Rd., Suite 310.

Where can I park?

  • Validated parking located at the Regal Cinemas parking structure. Bring your parking ticket and we will validate it for 3 hours. Every half hour after the first three will cost $2.50.  If you have guests who do not wish to attend and only drop someone off, there is a 20 minute loading and unloading zone located outside of Aloha Tofu.

May I bring outside food?

  • Unfortunately we do not allow any outside food other than a cake or cupcakes. We have both freezers and refrigerators for you to make use of in the case you need to store your cake.

What if my guests or I am late?

  • Please make sure your guests arrive on time. There are many parties before and after yours. If we start late we would be delaying the party scheduled after you.  Party hosts need to follow the timeline as accurately as possible. If guests arrive late, ala carte pricing is also available so they do not have to pay the whole additional add on fee for activities.

What is my party’s schedule like?

  • Check-in time is 15 minutes prior to your party start time.  Once you check in at the front counter your party host will be called to greet you. You will be directed to your party area once it is ready for you.
  • Your party host will go over your party schedule and food order. Please advise your host of any changes, including: additional food, change of activities, and changes of guest count.
  • Your party is private during your scheduled time. Your host will guide your active players according to the scheduling for your party.
  • Activities are usually conducted during the first section of your party. After the activities are done, the last 30 minutes of your party, your host will bring you back in the party area to eat lunch/dinner and serve cake. Your party will end at your scheduled time.
  • Once your party reaches it’s scheduled end time, you might be moved to another designated area, depending on if there is another party scheduled after yours. You may be relocated to our café or lanai area.

How does the 1-2 hours of unlimited work? (Gold or Platinum Packages)

  • Your active players (those with wristbands) will be able to continuously play with public until their time expires. Unlimited play will start at the end of your 2 hours in the party area. Please note that this does not mean your party will continue to receive private rounds. Your guests will be granted the ability to join in on public rounds.

How does cashing out my tab work?

  • At the end of your party your party host will calculate your tab. A manager will be called to ring you up. Please note: Any parties with a total active player count greater or equal to 12 will automatically be charged a 15% service fee based on the subtotal of the tab.
  • If your party has more than 40 active players, an additional $100 fee may be charged.

May we decorate the party room?

  • Please kokua, do not tape or staple any decorations to the walls
  • Tablecloths, centerpieces, balloons, etc. are allowed; as long as they do not have to be attached to the walls.